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About Us

Genuine Slovenia is a result of a cooperation of Slovenes in the UK and in Slovenia. We aim to provide our clients with genuine experiences, revolving around the three hallmarks of our homeland: exquisite and homemade food, pristine and unspoilt nature and sincere and genuine relationships. Our focus and expertise is clear so we do not offer holidays in Antigua or Iceland, Slovenia is not just an item hidden down at the bottom of a drop down menu on our web page. While staying with us, you will not be served salmon or escargot… You might however be served eggs with a yolk as yellow you’ve possibly never seen before, perhaps a tomato salad where tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes or a roast that will feel like an explosion of sensations overwhelming your taste buds. Similarly, you won’t be rushed into a bus and transported to a different part of a country every other day. Instead, you will explore the surrounding hills and become an expert in navigating the local woodlands either on foot or on your bike.

All of our experiences are built around quality so we can’t cater for large number of clients; small groups are accepted for particular experience at a time. Scaling up would mean that we might be forced to make compromises around quality, compromises which I promise you we will never make.
There are quite a number of holiday providers offering different types of holidays in Slovenia; for many of them Slovenia is but a footnote in their portfolio, to be offered at an attractive price. If you would however like to discover the true essence of Slovenia, possibly the best kept secret in Europe, I think we have little competition in the market.

Welcome to my homeland. Give us a week of your time and we’ll give you the time of your life.

Marko Kondič
Managing Director
Genuine Slovenia LTD