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Give us a week of your time and we’ll give you the time of your life

Genuine Slovenia

Welcome to Genuine Slovenia – the place for genuine experiences. Experiences that will leave you relaxed, ready for your next challenge… not feeling like you need a break after a break. Experiences revolving around exquisite food, pristine nature and genuine family time, instead of Face Time.

Slovenia – the recipe

Take a generous amount of mountains, add glacial lakes and some coastline with clear blue waters, sprinkle with hills and vineyards from East to West, add thousands of caves and cover the remainder with forest. At the end, infuse the mixture with a generous amount of love, pack it all up in country the size of Wales or New Jersey and drop it in the heart of Europe so that different parts of the continent will forever disagree which one Slovenia belongs to.

Slovenia is tucked away on the sunny side of the Alps smack in the centre of Europe and throughout its history it was influenced by its neighbours: the Italians on the West, Hungarians in the East, Germans and Austrians in the North and our Slav brethren in the south. These influences can be clearly identified also in our cuisine so you can expect a broad culinary experience while staying with us.

Why us?

Perhaps a better question would be “When us?”

If you are after a speed touring experience, wanting to tick as many sight-seeing items off of your bucket list while spending a week in Slovenia, you are probably better off browsing away. If you are after a 5 star hotel close to a shopping mall with pre-planned daily excursions to take Facebook photos, you are definitely better of browsing away.

If you are however, after a break, a genuine break from it all… Give us a call or drop us a note. You’ve just found your gateway to peace, serenity and exquisite cuisine in Europe. With Genuine Slovenia you are getting precisely that – a genuine experience, regardless of which type of experience you are after.

Our Cooking Classes in Slovenia are perfect for food and cooking enthusiasts who would like to discover this part of Europe through its food. Our Family Getaways are perfect for families who are sick of busy hotels or resorts and would like to spend some time in nature, focusing on themselves and talking to each other, not texting. For all of you who can’t stay put for very long – Walking and Hiking of Slovenia is the answer – you will be given a base camp from which you will be free to roam the hills, mountains and valleys of Slovenia. If you prefer cycling, let us know. If you are a team of keen runners and would like to try running across Slovenia’s beautiful hills and mountains, let us know… We have a challenge for you and your friends. We’d love to see you keep up…

Welcome to Slovenia – the crossroads of cultures.

Genuine Slovenia

Our Values

Care for the environment
We firmly believe that one’s attitude towards nature reflects their attitude to people also.
In every aspect of our life and operation, integrity and honesty come first.
To everyone and everything regardless of their age, origins and creed.
Social responsibility
Wherever we are, we are but a part of a community. It is our mission to make everywhere our presence is felt, at least a bit better than it was before we arrived there.